When I was 8 I knew I wanted to be an actor and I wanted to pursue martial arts alongside it. When the photo on the right was taken I was 21 with the obligatory Bruce Lee poster hung in the background. I was the first in my family to attend University, grouped together with 12 years of Martial Arts I promised myself I would be a member of the working class who smashed through the door, I got some business cards made up and set off. When that photo was taken I had also just had shoulder surgery, my posture so bad my chest arched in. Two years later and after marrying my best friend I would have hip surgery, along with nagging wear and tear in my neck, lower back and other shoulder, mostly all due to rushing to get to were I wanted to be and neglecting rest. In total I have spent 10 years since finishing study pursuing acting and 11years in and out of hospital (my surgeon told me last week my joints look like a 60 year old’s). I am no closer to acting than I was then and my Martial Arts (as can be seen in the video) from training the last year is slow, with loss of range (kicks especially) and some technical issues ...it leaves a lot to be desired. But - I keep going. The only thing in life that scares me more than dying is failure. No matter what the struggle is (And I know there are millions struggling worse than me) you work through it, when you don’t want to get knocked down again you push through it. Broke, be it mentally, financially or physically (still currently all 3) you find a way. As I finish writing this it’s nearly 5am - so if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna drag my arse to do my physiotherapy and then annoy my neighbours by reciting Macbeth Monologues and Lupe Fiasco Lyrics in the shower. Do what sets your soul on fire, commit to it and don’t let it go. #mondaymotivation #Actor #martialarts #trialsandtribulations #stayfocused #acting #brucelee #lupefiasco #barking #nunchucks #boxing #taekwondo #karate #wushu #deadlift #squats #theatre #stage #film

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